What's on offer

Content strategy development
What’s working and what isn’t with your web content? What content do you need to produce on what platform to speak more effectively with your audience? Who is best placed to produce it within the team and how? I can help you answer those questions.

Sparkling copy
I’ve successfully written copy for a range of media, including web and radio. It’s read-out-loud good, short and to the point. I’m good at approaching things from a new angle and can translate complex ideas into simple key messages that a general audience can make sense of, and act upon.

Communicating with your audience
I can help you reflect your brand and tone of voice to communicate consistently with your audience.

I’ll polish your copy ‘til it shines. I have done all stages and levels of editing from proofreading a final piece to sub-editing: writing gripping headlines, fact-checking and liaising with authors, editing copy for grammar, spelling, style and tone, and restructuring to improve the flow and logic.

Building effective websites
Disappointed with your website and traffic? I can show you how to fix it, and develop ideas and plans that help you get it sorted.

Teaching you how to write and get heard
I can help you learn how to write articles or blogs and use online tools.

If these skills could help you, please email or say hi on Twitter (@sfishermurray).