my work


  • Successfully managed a website redesign with the web team at IIED, while web content manager, and brought about a major increase in social media traffic (from 1.4% in 2011 to 5% in 2012 – 2013).
  • Single handedly secured funding, researched and produced a 4-part radio drama series about pop culture in Nigeria for the BBC World Service.
  • Got radio drama series Musekeweya, from a concept to getting broadcast on air in a year in Rwanda. The radio drama series was later proven to have had an important influence on listener’s perceptions of social norms.
  • Dramatically increased the number of regular bloggers and the popularity of blogging as a tool to share research and impact at IIED and Save the Children.
  • Helped IIED and Save the Children successfully communicate their impact and share research through hundreds of reports, blogs, web pages, emails and other communications materials.


November, 2016

Solar PV can help China’s poorest

Article on China’s use of renewable energy to generate income and energy, which I researched during a trip to Beijing in 2016.

May, 2013

Community maps reveal rich resources on “empty” land: Thomson Reuters Foundation

“It’s all in the mind,” George Harrison once said. When most government planners look at Kenya’s Isiolo County, they see barren, dusty land. But pastoralists who live there see something else entirely. How do we know? It’s on their map. Read the full article

April, 2013

Challenging inequality is at heart of climate adaptation: Thomson Reuters Foundation article

After the Asian tsunami hit the Andaman and Nicobar islands in 2004, destroyed houses needed to be rebuilt. But they weren’t just rebuilt with better materials. The repaired houses and assets became jointly owned by women. Read the full article.

July, 2006

Congo case study: Thomson Reuters Foundation

After two years as a child soldier in Democratic Republic of Congo, being forced to fire a gun and have sex whenever the men wanted, Aimerance is back with her family in the eastern province of South Kivu. The conflict in Congo has claimed 3.9 million lives from violence, war-related hunger and disease since 1998, even though the war officially ended in 2003.

Read the full case study.